Ward Hinger

  • It is a privilege and pleasure to serve the shareholders of Alaska Radiology Associates as their Chief Administrative Officer.
  • We have been intentional over the years in bringing best-in-class diagnostic and interventional services to our urban and rural partners. From recruiting and retaining the best subspecialty trained radiologists in the world, to developing a futuristic teleradiology platform that offers access to Alaska’s first and only Vendor Neutral Archive – globally recognized as one of the best health information storage systems. We work closely with our State’s leader in internet & network connectivity (GCI) and our shared security umbrella (CI Security) to provide our partners highly reliable, fully redundant, and extremely secure connectivity to Alaska’s only 24/7/365 subspecialized independent radiology group.
  • We are proud to be AK Grown. To have such exceptional radiologists here in Alaska, for Alaskans, to provide timely collaboration and foster continuity of care for our shared patients is often life-saving! We proactively look into the future to ascertain what our partners need and closely collaborate with them to improve quality and timeliness to the very best diagnostic and interventional services.


  • Please send any general inquiries to us via this form. As a reminder, this is not a secured means of communication; therefore, submitting personal health information is done so at your own risk. We will call you as soon as possible to discuss any questions you have in more detail if needed. Thank you for reaching out, we look forward to hearing from you!