Image Viewer

Universal, Vendor-Independent Platform
  • ARAs' online, on-demand report and image viewer provides a universal, vendor-independent platform for accessing a comprehensive range of dicom and non–dicom image data, for more informed clinical decision-making.
  • Based on true zero-footprint, web-based architecture, images never reside on the workstation or device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Ipad, Android or BB). Nothing to install. Runs seamlessly with all browsers and requires no flash plug-ins. Vital imaging and reports are made available within 2 hours, combined with any time, anywhere access which leads to rapid treatment and improved patient outcomes.
  • Advanced technology includes post-processing tools such as MPR and 3D, as well as other measurement tools that provide for enhanced patient care. Collaboration features promote continuity of care. Studies are readily available to multiple providers and specialists, or for consultation with our subspecialty radiologists. In less time than it takes to complete a release of information form, you can have a report in hand with easy, secure access to your patient records.

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